Indonesia is impressive with its natural resources. Find the best green data center locations where you can build in Indonesia. Indonesia has caught the digital need for green data centers in today’s world. It is the only country that has gained massive popularity in the green data center.

The Indonesia data centers are now considered the world’s best green data centers among the top leading data centers. Our digital lifestyle results in the high use of internet traffic. In Indonesia, there are approximately 200 million internet users exist.

Thus, the number of users is now expected to increase fastly. An Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association study revealed that around 60 percent of users spend between two to eight hours on the internet daily.

On top of that, Indonesia’s e-commerce marketplace has led as the most extensive online business in Southeast Asia, which results in nearly 50 percent of the region’s total market size.

Today, we have enlisted the best green data center locations in Indonesia, which everyone has to know.

Indonesia Data Centers

According to recent details, new IT technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Connected Smart Devices, Social Media, eCommerce, and Smart Cities, are rapidly emerging.

Using these technologies requires IP Traffic, high data volume, more storage, and more processing power than only a Data Center can aptly provide. Recent research shows almost 53 colocation data centers from 14 areas in Indonesia (Indonesia).

  • Ambon (1)
  • Bandung (4)
  • Batam (2)
  • Bogor (1)
  • Denpasar (1)
  • Jakarta (31)
  • Kupang (1)
  • Makassar (1)
  • Manokwari (1)
  • Mataram (1)
  • Medan (2)
  • Palembang (1)
  • Pekanbaru (1)
  • Surabaya (5)

The Indonesian government witnessed an increase in investment by over 45% due to investments from colocation providers such as GDS Services, Princeton Digital Group DCI Indonesia, Indonet, ST Telemedia Global Data Centers, and Telkom Indonesia.

In 2021, the cloud platform provided various services, including Facebook, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Walmart, Google, Microsoft Tencent, and Oracle, and established the cloud region across the country.

Best Green Data Center Locations in Indonesia

Indonesia’s green data centers differ from other countries’ data centers. The reason behind this is that they deeply examine the data center. They plan to build the green data center at that place where customers are maximum, where IT infrastructure is well.

One fantastic thing is that they improved the ROI to get a positive, excellent result. Most investors from other countries felt confused while investing in green data centers. For better understanding, we have enlisted the name of the top leading best green data center in Indonesia.

Currently, Indonesia has more than 65 operational colocation data centers. Most colocation data centers are being grown according to Tier III standards. According to Uptime Institute, they have certified more than 45 data center facilities under tier III standards.

Jakarta is one of the top leading locations in Indonesia

The debate about whether data centers are environmentally friendly has been going on for years. The truth is, there’s no such thing as a 100% green data center.

The energy required to run a massive server farm is undeniable, which means data centers need to be built somewhere that can accommodate the infrastructure, power, and cooling needs. That said, some locations are better than others.

When choosing where to build your new data center facility, you should first think about where your customers are located. If they’re in North America or Western Europe, building your data center in those areas makes sense.

But right now, most European country is facing an energy crisis right?. However, if they’re spread throughout different continents or primarily in Southeast Asia and India, then you should consider building your data center in Indonesia.

Read More: Data Center Environmental Impact in European Countries (

At the same time, 10% of data center facilities contribute to around 45%of the existing third-party data center capacity in Indonesia. Indonesia’s best green data center is mostly in colder areas to keep the server temperature low.

Jakarta is one of Indonesia’s top leading locations for green data centers. Many companies have chosen Indonesia as a destination for their data centers to meet the growing demand for reliable and affordable data services. The country has many cities that offer a comfortable climate and a stable energy supply.

DCI Indonesia

DCI Indonesia is one of the top-notch and leading data center service providers in Indonesia. It was established as an enabler for the business community. However, the best thing about this is data center transformation which provides reliable, well-networked, and well-managed cloud and carrier-neutral data center infrastructure services in Indonesia.

As the company grew, it started to improve its services and added more buildings with a total power of 300 MW. The primary function is to make you secure and keep your valuable assets available.

NTT (Jakarta 3) JK3

According to the latest resources, NTT now decided to open its new green data center in Indonesia. This newly built Jakarta 3 green Data Center consists of a four-story building having a 15.2MW capacity and almost 18,000 square meters of IT space.

The green data center will also increase to 45MW capacity upon full build-out. The Director and President of NTT Indonesia, Mizuho Tada, stated that Once the Jakarta 3, they would help meet clients’ demands, especially clients that need flexible facility designs to help accomplish their business goals.

Data Center Transformation

The traditional computing data center is now totally changed into the digital mode. Thousands of companies outsource in-house data center functions to adopt cloud service providers.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the data center into virtual workforce models, enhancing the demand for more cloud services, videoconferencing, and streaming content.

Due to the worse COVID-19 impact, the children will take online classes at home. The work mode of various businesses is converting to working from home instead of working physically.

The data center transformation now includes various IT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, online gaming, 5G edge, and autonomous driving capabilities requiring more intelligence.


Over the past few years, Indonesia’s data center has transformed its business into the digital world. However, they are working hard and continuously trying to build the best green data centers in Indonesia. The economy of Indonesia is considered one of the top leading market economies in the world. The economic market of Indonesia is increasing rapidly.

There might be chances that the data center industry of Indonesia will grow more in the coming years. The development of Indonesia’s green data center industry is also driven by the population’s gradual transition into the digital world. The most commonly targeted areas of Indonesia are Greater Jakarta, Cikarang, and Karawang.

Apart from this, the data center operators and developers also develop smaller assets within the territory of Central Jakarta, as it is where most end-users are located. We share helpful content with people struggling to construct green data centers in Indonesia.

No doubt, Indonesia is leading high among the top green data centers. If they are moving towards data center transformation, they must consider sustainable development as it is the top factor for making the data centers more efficient.

The fastly green data center made it possible for every country to construct green data centers. So what are you waiting for?

Go and keep in mind the points mentioned above. We try our best to deliver content that may provide full benefit to the user who wants to construct the green data center.

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